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The Home Depot Customer Story

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What was happening?

“There isn’t always a clear path for our store associates looking for a role in our corporate office and the Career Mobility Program is designed to help them make that jump. Making connections during this program is critical for their success, and I can’t stress enough how much automating the connection process meant to us.” 

-- Claire Pace,
Manager, Early Career Programs @ The Home Depot

The Home Depot’s (THD) Career Mobility Program provides growth and exposure to store associates by creating opportunities to experience THD’s corporate departments. The goal is to develop associate’s skill sets and provide them with networking opportunities to make connections with current corporate associates. They are also engaged in weekly mentoring and development sessions, which provides them with essential knowledge to help make the jump from the field to a corporate location.

As part of the Career Mobility Program, associates are required to meet weekly with employees from different business units to better understand how each department operates. While beneficial for all participants, this requires a massive manual scheduling effort on the part of the associates, while the program leaders have limited insight into the quality and completion of the connections associates are attempting to make. Previously, THD manually scheduled “coffee chats” which involved a ton of logistics to manage calendars and took a lot of time. There was also no data at the end of it! 

What did we do?

  • Saved time. We automated the manual scheduling burden on HR
  • Seamlessly onboarded. We used email and calendar communication to manage employee connections
  • Increased visibility. We provided real time insights to program sponsors to see how and who has made beneficial connections (never seen before) 
  • Provided real-time alerts. We quickly identified associates who became disengaged and provided an opportunity for program sponsors or managers to intervene. 
  • Built relationships. We facilitated follow up conversations for stronger connections over time.

What were the results?

Over the course of the 7-week program, Culturora...

  • Automated 120 connections (62% completed) 

  • Increased connection strength between participants by 133%

  • Provided value to 95% of participants 

  • Identified over 70% of CMP associates eligible for a reward based on a predetermined connection goal

  • Created opportunities for follow-up conversations and second connections to happen!

What did we learn?

Sometimes we needed to make sure new employees understood how to use Outlook and manage schedule changes. We also made a few product enhancements to make the video calls more streamlined and logging connections more seamless.

THD was able to use these organic, off- cycle pulse checks to review the employee feedback on the associate and get visibility into the associates engagement levels.

We also prioritized single sign on (SSO) and calendar integration in our product roadmap for more seamless, automated scheduling.

What happens next?

“We would love to scale to our 250 interns in the summer and give them access to the rest of the enterprise with exciting, unexpected connections during their 11-week program.”

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